5 Sweat Proof Makeup Products to Get You Through a Hot Summer Looking Like a Queen

sweat proof makeup desert bloom babe

Hello babes! How many of you struggle to find good sweat proof makeup?

If you live in the Southwest then you’re probably used to dealing with some hot hot desert heat. I don’t care if it’s a “dry” heat, 115 degrees is 115 degrees of freaking HOT. If you haven’t experienced an Arizona summer you can give it a whirl right now. Go heat your oven up and then stick your head in it. Voila! Phoenix in the summer! I have also experienced the hot sticky summers of the south and even the northeast. You know the ones, where you get out of the shower and you’re not really sure you actually got out of the shower? It’s THAT humid.

That being said, trying to find tried-and-true beauty products that can hold up to the sweat that both the Valley of The Sun and the bayou causes can be a struggle. Luckily, you pretty much find out if a product is gonna make the cut or not after just one or two days. Alas, you won’t have to go through the hassle because I already have.

Remember, these are just my personal favorites. I have skin that is slightly on the drier side so I go for products that are a little more moisturizing but won’t slip off with a little sweat. These are just the basics, and I ALWAYS recommend using a good setting spray with any makeup.

Here are my 5 sweat-proof makeup products to get you through summer looking like a damn queen.

sweat proof makeup smashbox studio skin desert bloom babe

1. Foundation: SMASHBOX Studio Skin 15 HR Wear, $36, sephora.com

Why I Love It: It’s lightweight but has great coverage and stays put all day (I like to put Lancôme’s La Base Pro Primer under for extra stay-put power). It can be layered for a more complete coverage or just a single layer can be applied for a more natural look (hello freckles!).

sweat proof makeup mac prep prime transparent setting powder pressed desert bloom babe

2. Setting Powder: MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder / Pressed, $29, maccosmetics.com

Why I Love It: This pressed transparent powder provides the perfect amount of setting action without being too heavy and cakey in the heat. Because it’s pressed it’s darn near impossible to put too much on. A light dusting using a powder brush helps keep foundation from sliding off. I almost always have this in my bag during the summer to keep my face from looking too sweaty or greasy throughout the day. It’s a life-saver!

sweat proof makeup katy kat mascara covergirl desert bloom babe

3. Mascara: Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara in Black, $6.89, amazon.com

Why I Love It: This mascara is the bomb! Although it comes in a waterproof version I find the regular to stay put through even the sweatiest days! I have STRUGGLED to find a good mascara that doesn’t end up under my eyes after a long day in the summer and this stuff exceeded my expectations by a long shot! Plus the brush makes for nice dramatic separated lashes.

sweat proof makeup kat von d tattoo liner desert bloom babe

4. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Black, $20, sephora.com

Why I Love It: Okay, so you might of heard about this product because of the product review that went viral after a girl went through a traumatic car accident and everything on her face was a mess except for Kat D’s liner (see it here).  So naturally, I had to give it a try to see if it can endure the heat. Guess what? It does.

sweat proof makeup loreal colour riche balm desert bloom babe

5. L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in 219 Plush Plum, $7.95, amazon.com

Why I Love It: This stuff is the balm! Sorry about the bad pun, but it seriously is the balm! This formula is fantastic in the heat, it hydrates your lips while creating a very natural look. It layers nicely so you can put a little on for just a kiss of color or layer up  for a more dramatic look. The best part? It wears so nicely throughout the day and your lips won’t look dry and cracked.

This list is somewhat limited but I wanted to keep it to the tried-and-true products that I use daily during the summer. I use all 5 of these products almost every single day and I absolutely love them. This is a great foundation for the rest of your makeup so don’t hesitate to add the rest of your favorite eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, concealers, lipsticks, etc. to the mix!

BONUS: I ALWAYS set my makeup with setting spray. Right now I’m loving Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist. You can grab that from Sephora HERE.

Toodles BABES!


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