The Off-The-Shoulder Dress You Need

“Cold Shoulders” are EVERYWHERE this Summer. Whether it’s a dress, a top, a romper, or a body suit, you can find it in a “cold shoulder” style.

So what does “cold shoulder” even mean? It just means that your shoulders are showing. It can be sleeves that drape off the shoulder (as seen here), it can have a spaghetti strap with a draped sleeve, it can have cuts in the sleeve that show just a little bit of your shoulder. Some even come in an asymmetric style with just one shoulder showing.

What I really love about this dress from Union of Angels is that it’s so flirty. The eyelet lace edging adds a little bit of architecture but the flared fabric at the top gives it a girly and innocent look. And the crips white just screams summer.

Dress, Union of Angels,

This dress is perfect for just about any occasion. You could easily dress it up with some heels for date night, or pair it with your favorite boots or flats for a summer night concert.

Shell necklace,; turquoise necklace, one-of-a-kind from Ebay, ring, Peyote Bird,; bracelet, The Brave Bohemian,; belt, unknown.

Per usual, I crossed my love for boho style with a little bit of a Western edge. The traditional Heishi and turquoise necklace adds some heritage along with the basketweave patterned corset belt.

Turquoise and copper cuff, The Brave Bohemian,

Balancing something very romantic or girly with something a little tougher or more masculine is always a good move (check out this look from a Cowgirl Magazine shoot I styled for a great example). I chose to go with these statement, metal-adorned booties from Liberty Black.


Dark brown and turquoise really set off the bright white of the dress and add nice contrast.


I really love the details on both of these necklace. The small thin Heishi shells and natural cut turquoise stones tie in nicely with the Cowrie Shell necklace, while the metal beading adds some sun-catching sparkle.


So go ahead, jump on the cold-shoulder bandwagon soak up some sun, get some vitamin D, and a nice tan! It’s a perfect summer style!

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