Addicted to Cactus: I’ve Collected My Favorite Cacti Items from Around the Web for You to Shop!

cactus items pool float purse cactus wedges flamingo suitcase

It’s no secret that I like cactus. I live in the desert, I take a lot of cacti pictures, and I named my jewelry business after the blossoms that appear on them each spring. So, in honor of my obsession with cactus I have scoured the internet to bring you some of the coolest, most awesome cacti items money can buy. So don’t be a prick (haha a cactus joke!) and check it out below. (This post contains affiliate links).

Of course I had to start out with the coolest and most expensive item on the list–this TO DIE FOR beaded Cactus purse by Mary Frances. I mean, come on, I’ve never seen something so beautiful and decadent and trendy in my entire life!

Mary Frances Desert Cactus Flower Beaded Bejeweled Handbag Shoulder Bag
Mary Frances Desert Cactus Flower Beaded Bejeweled Handbag Shoulder Bag

Naturally, I had to include a pair of cowgirl boots, and these pink ones from Junk Gypsy by Lane Boots are my absolute favorites. They’re pink, they have cactus, they’re tall. Can you have a bad day in these boots? I wonder?

Junk Gypsy Women's by Lane Hard to Handle Western Boot Snip Toe
Junk Gypsy Women’s by Lane Hard to Handle Western Boot Snip Toe

Next we have some gorgeous prickly pear jewelry from Prairie Sky Jewelry Co.! How stinkin’ cute and beautiful are these? And they’re made with real stones! Yes, please!

Prairie Sky Jewelry Co. Cactus Collection – Prickly Pear ring and Cuff

More Pink cactus stuff purely because it’s just so cute. This looks so comfy I think I could live in it all summer long!

Women Summer Cut Out Necklace Sleeveless Dress Cactus Printed Spaghetti Strap Adjustable Mini Dress
Women Summer Cut Out Necklace Sleeveless Dress Cactus Printed Spaghetti Strap Adjustable Mini Dress

And now a float, because it’s summer and I need to be in the water, like A LOT.

Sunnylife Luxury Adult Inflatable Pool Float Lie Down Beach Toy
Sunnylife Luxury Adult Inflatable Pool Float Lie Down Beach Toy

Next up we have a two-fer! This suitcase has cactus AND flamingos on it. I repeat, cactus AND FLAMINGOS. I need this in my life right now. In fact, I don’t think I can show up at the airport again with any other bag. I refuse.

InterestPrint Flamingos Cactus Flower Luggage Cover Suitcase Baggage Case
InterestPrint Flamingos Cactus Flower Luggage Cover Suitcase Baggage Case

I’ve seen a lot of cactus trinket and jewelry dishes but this one takes the cake. It is just plain beautiful.

Jewelry Trinket Dish Tray, Bronze Acrylic Resin Cactus Sunflower Jewelry Storage Dish Snack Cake Plates Ring Earrings Tray Decoration Crafts Gifts Home Decor Prickly Pear
Jewelry Trinket Dish Tray, Bronze Acrylic Resin Cactus Sunflower Jewelry Storage Dish Snack Cake Plates Ring Earrings Tray Decoration Crafts Gifts Home Decor (Prickly Pear)

Another bag, because a girl can never have too many bags or too much cactus. I love the simple but fun pink print on this backpack!

Mygreen Casual Style Lightweight Canvas Backpack School Bag Travel Daypack
Mygreen Casual Style Lightweight Canvas Backpack School Bag Travel Daypack

Last, but certainly not least, are these adorable brightly colored cactus slider wedges from Ariat. I honestly had never seen these until I started looking for fun cactus items for this post, but I adore them! These would look so cute with jean shorts or white pants!

ARIAT Women's Unbridled Layla cactus wedges
ARIAT Women’s Unbridled Layla

So there you have it. Some of my favorite prickly items from the web. Let me know what some of your favorite items are in the comments or tag me with your favorite cactus items using the hashtag #desertbloombabe. I just might share your picks!

🌵 TTYL Babes! 🌵

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle on Earth Day – The Best Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Take Care of Our Planet

sunflower sunset

Hi Babes!

Today is Earth Day! And what better way to celebrate Earth Day than to take a look at some of the simple and easy ways we can reduce, reuse, and recycle to keep our planet looking and feeling her best?!

About 2 years ago I really took an interest in what I could do to reduce waste. I saw the video of the straw being pulled from that poor sea turtle’s nose and decided that was it, I REFUSE be a part of this plastic problem that has been plaguing our planet.  I started with some small changes and have found that it really isn’t that difficult to make just a few switches and swaps to greatly reduce the amount of plastic and waste I was sending to the landfills.

These are just a couple small changes you can make right now without too much inconvenience. There are loads of other ways to reduce your waste and I’m working on trying to do even more! At the end of this list, I have provided a few extra ideas that will reduce your waste even more and I encourage you to explore these options for your lifestyle!

Here you go, 5 ways to reduce your waste right now.


Seems simple and if you are a millennial this hopefully is something that comes naturally to you because we were raised with it all around us. However, it does make a huge impact–IF you recycle properly. Most people don’t know this, but you can easily ruin an entire  receptacle of recyclables if you contaminate it. If you have recycling service to your house check out your city’s website, there should be a guide to recycling there. If you don’t have recycling service to your house search online for a recycling location near you. You can use a metal trash can or a reusable grocery bag to collect recyclables during the week and then drop off when it’s full. It’s important not to bag your recyclables, as plastic garbage bags are not recyclable. Below is a great video from video from Waste Management with tips on how to recycle right.


This has been one of the easiest and one of the most impactful changes to our household. I now keep a handful of reusable grocery bags under the seat in my truck. I use one big one to store them all in and then fold it up and tuck it under the seat. This has made such a big difference in more than one way. The first is that it reduced how many plastic grocery bags are in our trash. I couldn’t believe how many we were going through. I used to keep them to use for misc. things (like picking up dog poop) and we were bringing home so many that I couldn’t store them all and was just starting to throw them into the trash. The other big perk to using reusable bags is that you can carry way more in each one. This makes loading and unloading them SOOO much easier! I would suggest picking bags that are pretty well made so that the handles don’t break (then you just end up putting something else into the trash) and you can load them up with more weight! I also bought some netted bags to use for produce and sometimes don’t even use a bag for produce since I wash it all when I get home anyway. Here are the products I use:

resuable grocery shopping bags 3 pack gray amazon
Reusable Grocery Shopping Box Bags (3 Pack – Gray). Large, Premium Quality Heavy Duty Tote Bag Set with Extra Long Handles & Reinforced Bottom. Foldable, Collapsible, Durable & Eco Friendly –


white reusable produce bags 9 pack amazon
Premium Reusable Mesh/Produce Bags, Set of 9 | Superior Double-Stitched Strength, with Tare Weight on Tags | Lightweight, See-Through, Large, Medium & Small –


This is a HUGE one! This will greatly reduce the amount of plastic you throw out. Even if you do recycle your water bottles it is much better to avoid using bottled water from the get-go. I bought a couple different reusable water bottles to suit my different needs. I have a big one I keep in my car, a medium sized one, and a small guy that can fit into my purse. I also use these for iced tea, cocktails, and milk or juice to take with me when when camping! I also encourage you to use a reusable travel coffee mug as well. It’s easy to find places to refill the water. Most big stores have drinking fountains including the grocery store and malls. Parks often have water fountains as well. I have also noticed almost all of the airports I have visited in the past year now have filtered drinking water for filling bottles. Yay! Be sure to clean your bottles frequently and if it has a straw be sure to clean that thoroughly as well. During the summer months here in AZ I clean mine out almost daily and usually keep the smaller one in my purse since leaving the bottle in the car it tends to get very HOT! I highly recommend buying metal NOT plastic since plastic can release toxic chemicals, and again, it’s not great for the environment in the first place. Here are the bottles I use almost every single week:

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle 40 Oz
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle 40 Oz Mint, Lilac, Watermelon. The best part is getting to decorate with stickers!


Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle / Travel Coffee Mug, Wide Mouth with BPA Free Hydro Flip Cap
Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle / Travel Coffee Mug, Wide Mouth with BPA Free Hydro Flip Cap
Mira 12 oz stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle multi colors thermos reusable water bottle amazon
MIRA 12 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle | Double Walled Cola Shape Thermos | Keeps 24 Hours Cold, 12 Hours Hot | Reusable Metal Water Bottle | Kids Leak-Proof Sports Flask | Teal
Ello Aspen 16oz Ceramic Travel Mug Dusty White Speckle
Ello Aspen 16oz Ceramic Travel Mug (Dusty White Speckle)


This one is another simple one especially if you carry a purse! Bring your own utensils and straw. Over the past couple years there have been tons of products developed to make bring your own straw and utensils so much better! I like to go with silicone and wood. My utensils that I carry are wood (nice and lightweight) and my straws are stainless steel with silicone tips. I can’t stand the feeling of putting a steel straw in my mouth so the silicone tips are a must for me. I also liked this one because it came with a metal travel container instead of plastic. The utensil set I bought didn’t have the bamboo straw that’s included in the one below. This could eliminate the need to carry a separate collapsible straw but like I said mine didn’t come with that (I bought it several years ago) and so I carry my stainless steel one with me.

Reusable Collapsible Straw Rainbow Telescopic Stainless Steel Metal Straw, Portable Drinking Straw for 12oz 20oz 30oz Cups Amazon
Reusable Collapsible Straw, Rainbow 9.25” Telescopic Stainless Steel Metal Straw, Portable Drinking Straw for 12oz/20oz/30oz Cups –
Bamboo Travel Utensil Set Summer Green Bamboo Fork Knife Spoon Chopsticks Straw Straw cleaning brush Travel Pouch Carabiner amazon
Bamboo Travel Utensil Set Summer Green | Bamboo Fork, Knife, Spoon, Chopsticks, Straw, Straw-cleaning brush, Travel Pouch and Carabiner | Excellent For Everyday Use!


This is a big one for both the environment as well as your wallet! I have made a huge habit of when I need or want something I try to find it used before buying it brand new. Of course there are some exceptions to this but for the most part almost anything I want or need I can find used. Some of the things I don’t buy used would be makeup or liquid toiletry items, undies, food, and some other household grocery items. I have saved so much money and prevented lots of items from ending up in a landfill somewhere. I frequently visit Goodwill to find items I’m currently needing or wanting as well as using apps such as Offerup, Poshmark, Craigslist, E-bay, and Letgo.

Some examples: The weather just turned really nice here in Arizona and I found myself wishing I had a patio set. So instead of buying a brand new one I managed to piece together a 6 person patio table with chairs and chair pads for a total of $65! Score! I also was wanting some new workout gear at the beginning of the year (hello fitness resolutions) and instead of spending a fortune on fancy workout clothes I found the same name brands for a fraction of the price at Goodwill. I scored a white Lulu Lemon tennis skirt, a pink Nike quarter zip long sleeve top, and some Under Armor gear for around $3-6 each #WINNING. If you’re looking for something in particular Poshmark and E-bay are probably your best bet.  I also have friends who have scored some awesome electronics on Offerup like Apple watches, Dyson hair dryers, and laptops to name just a few!

Be sure that when you no longer want something you donate it instead of putting it in a landfill or you could opt sell it on one of those secondhand apps or sites for some extra cash! I’ve made quite a bit of money selling my gently used clothes on Poshmark.

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed these tips. I would love to hear what you think of all these! Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these out or if you have some ideas to add to my list!

I also wanted to include a little list of additional things you can do to make a difference in the environment and how much trash you produce. These take a little bit more effort than the ones I listed above but are extremely effective!

  • Compost
  • Try to go package-free by buying in bulk (this works for both pantry dry goods and toiletries such as shampoo and soap) I love using Lush’s shampoo bars. They are zero waste!
  • Avoid plastic by buying things that come in Paper (examples: laundry detergent, dish detergent, bar soap packaged in paper instead of liquid in a plastic bottle)
  • Replace plastic items with wooden or metal (examples: toothbrush, safety razor)
  • Replace tissues and paper towels with washable rags and hankies.
  • Make your own cleaning solutions without the harmful chemicals and store in glass spray bottles.


What to Get/Do for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

red rose valentines day ideas for girlfriend

Don’t know what to get your love for Valentine’s Day? Down to the Wire?

Here are some great ideas to make this Valentine’s Day one she won’t forget.

1. Give her an Experience

It’s easy to go straight to the standard V-day gift ideas… You know, flowers, chocolates, a stuffed bear with a little red nose (yawn). So why not give her something she will actually remember for years to come? Give her an EXPERIENCE!

There are literally so many different things you could do so get creative. Here are some ideas to start you off. Some cost money some don’t.

  • Romantic Picnic in the Park – pack some of her favorite food (if you were dating me that would be pizza … or mac ‘n cheese). If she’s the classy type maybe try putting together a charcuterie board. Be sure to bring something to drink as well. A bluetooth speaker with some romantic tunes wouldn’t hurt either!
  • Be a Tourist in Your Own Town –  take a city tour, explore a new area, go to an art walk, if you really want to do it up get a room at one of the nice hotels in the city!
  • Go to the Theater – Get her tickets to a play (women love musicals, well a lot of them do anyway), a concert, or some other fun event in your area. This makes a great gift and you’ll have something to look forward to and you’ll hopefully make some fun memories on that night!
  • There are Tons of Other Ideas – Aquariums and Museums often have date nights, check to see if one of yours has something special for Valentine’s Day. If your adventurous you could try finding a jeep tour, river tour, or even a romantic boat dinner tour at a local lake.
charcuterie board meat cheese jam wine valentines day date ideas
Photo from The Roasted Root – Check out their post about how to make this charcuterie board HERE.

2.  Make Something for Her

This may not be every girl’s cup of tea so try to use your best judgement. However, I know I would be soo smitten if my guy handmade something just for me. This can be as simple as a sign carved out of wood (there’s lots of tutorials out there using a simple rotary tool such as a Dremel), a little piece of jewelry, or some kind of simple ornament. The Saw Guy has a bunch of great tutorials on things to make for your girlfriend HERE. Even better would be to do it together, find a wine painting night to do together, or maybe even a glass blowing class! Another option is just to get her something customized, maybe a sign or necklace that has your anniversary date on it, or the first date you went on, or her name or your initials. It’s thoughtful but you don’t have to try and make it yourself!

handmade gift ring holder wood valentines gift ideas for girlfriend
Photo from The Saw Guy – check out how to make this HERE.

3.     Pamper the $#%+! Out of Her

Wake up and make her breakfast in bed, draw her a bath, do a spa at home, give her a massage, the ideas are endless! Want to really go the extra mile? Be sure to make the atmosphere relaxing–candles, low lighting, clean house. It’s a little labor intensive but she’ll probably LOVE it! Be sure if you have kiddos to send them off with the grandparents. Nothing ruins relaxation like stressing over having to think about the children. If your lazy just get her a spa package somewhere, but be thoughtful, make sure the kids are somewhere that she won’t stress about them, choose a package you think she’ll like.

breakfast in bed pamper gift ideas valentines day girlfriend

4. Get Her a Subscription or Membership

This I think gets overlooked by a lot of guys, and it seriously makes a great gift! There are loads of things you can subscribe her to! Here are some ideas

  • Massage Club – such as Massage Envy
  • Subscription Box – Such as Birchbox (beauty), FabFitFun (fitness), Pop Sugar Must Have, Ipsy, Cause Box (great for the humanitarian), Rocksbox (jewelry), YogaClub, Yuzen, You get the idea! Here is a great resource to find the perfect subscription box for your lady from My Subscription Addiction.
  • Clothing Subscriptions – These vary on how they work but it’s like paying for her to shop monthly or receive a box full of wearable goodies. Some of these include Fabletics, Shoedazzle, Stitch Fix, Adore Me, Just Fab, Trunk Club, and Rent the Runway. Check this post out to find one!
  • Gym or Fitness Membership – okay, guys BE CAREFUL, if you are constantly bugging her about eating right and being more active THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. If your girlfriend is already into fitness and whines that she can’t afford that dream gym, or the membership to her favorite hot yoga studio you could be her knight in shining armor! Even if you can’t afford to pay for a long term membership you can usually buy class packages or a few months at a time. I was once gifted this by a previous boyfriend and it was by far one of my all-time favorite gifts! Want to really go the extra mile? Put it in a box with a brand new workout outfit from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Lulu Lemon. Be sure to ask one of the nice ladies working in the store to help you pick out something trendy and cute!
yoga box subscription pink valentines gift ideas girlfriend
Photo from My Subscription Addiction – check out their post HERE to find the perfect subscription box for your woman!

That’s it! I could probably think about a hundred other things but these are the one’s I know I, and my friends would LOVE to do/get for Valentine’s Day. The key here is to be thoughtful and think of her when you’re picking! What would she want or like to do? If you can’t answer that, well, keep going on more dates – you need to get to know her better!



Countdown to NFR: Best Dresses

nfr dress fringe sequin beaded desert bloom babe

I love jeans, I live in jeans but in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR), jeans simply will not do!

So I have to shave my legs, get a tan, and pull out a beautiful dress for the occasion. Especially for the back number ceremony when everyone makes their first true Las Vegas debut on Wrangler’s yellow carpet at the South Point Hotel and Casino!

From sleek and simple, to sparkly, to velvet, and bright, there is a wide variety of style on the yellow carpet. It makes it hard to choose what to wear! So I have compiled some of my favorite non-pants looks I’ve seen while browsing around the internet to get your wheels turning on what to pack for this oh-so-fabulous occasion!

tribe west black velvet low v neck dress nfr desert bloom babe

This gorgeous black velvet beauty is “The Codi” dress from Tribe West. I love it because of the slit bell sleeves and plunging neckline. It’s simple yet stunning! Shop this style HERE.

cactus rose boutique purple sequin dress nfr desert bloom babe

Get a little sassy and wild in this bright purple fringe and sequin dress from Cactus Rose Boutique! All eyes will be on you in this number! Shop this gorgeous purple dress HERE.

double d ranch boho black dress nfr desert bloom babe

This one’s for the boho babes! This beautifully embroidered “Kashgar” dress from Double D Ranch is a little boho, folksy, and so Stevie! I love this free spirit style! Shop it HERE.

tribe west

Another little sequin number the “Plaza” dress from Tribe West – I’m assuming it’s named after the Las Vegas hotel and casino that features a dazzling display of sparkling lights under their lobby pull up. Well named! It really does dazzle! Shop it HERE.

turquoise tractor green velvet deep v neck dress

Another velvet dress! I love the dark green hue of this one from The Turquoise Tractor. Check out the ruched waist style! I especially love how it’s styled with the tall Junk Gypsy boots. Go bold or go home right? Shop this style HERE.

aces arrow red lace up boho dress nfr desert bloom babe

This one’s for the Southwestern chicks! The awesome tribal inspired print and red color makes this one perfect for the rodeo! Paired with a fringy clutch this dress from Aces’ Arrow Boutique definitely makes a statement. This is one of my favorites! Shop it HERE.

nasty gal black beaded dress nfr desert bloom babe

Calling all the rockstars or anyone who doesn’t particularly fancy wearin’ a skirt or dress. This dress/kimono piece from Nasty Gal is just straight bad ass! Appropriately named “Bead ’em and Weep” you can pair this stunner with some high waisted shorts (seen here) or some leather leggings and rock the darn party! I just love how cool and different this look is! Shop it HERE.

gypsy waltz rose gold sequin dress nfr desert bloom babe

Last, but certainly not least is a longer dress for the fancy and formal gals out there. The “Cotulla” dress from Gypsy Waltz really captures that old Hollywood vibe and I could totally see red lips and the side part with the large curl like Rita Hayworth! Shop this sparkly dress HERE.

6 Fall Boots to Fall in Love With

miss macie snakeskin tall western cowgirl brown boots

Some know fall as the season of change or pumpkin spice everything. Others know it as the season of fashion. With the “September Issues” dropping in August and then New York fashion week buzzing up New York City in September it’s THE season for all things style. Cooler temps mean you can pile on more fabulous clothing without having to drag it down with a heavy coat. Therefore fall equals the fashionista’s favorite time of year.

My personal favorite thing about fall? That here in Arizona it begins to be societally acceptable to don some fabulous boots (other than classic cowboy boots of course). Bring on the velvet, animal prints, sequins, suede and snakeskin. Nothing is too bold!

Below are some of my favorite boot styles that are trending this fall. Don’t see your fave? Comment and let me know what your faves are!

yippee ki yay old gringo blue western fringe boots

Yippee Ki Yay by Old Gringo, Persefone Blue Boots, $285,

tall leopard fringe western boots liberty black conchos

Liberty Black Ophelia Chita Miel, $390,

red velvet black studs booties old gringo double d ranch

Double D by Old Gringo Tahoma Black Wine Velvet Bootie, $500,

miss macie snakeskin tall western cowboy cowgirl boots brown

Miss Macie Snakin’ It Boots , $440,

corral turquoise brown embossed floral lace round toe booties

Corral Blue Engraved and Laces Round Toe Ankle Boot, $136,

junk gypsy lane tall lace up brown boots fringe tassel

Junk Gypsy by Lane Trailblazer Brick Toned Lace and Fringe Boots, $320,


Feta & Balsamic Glazed Watermelon Recipe for a New Twist on a Summer Favorite

feta balsamic glaze basil watermelon recipe desert bloom babe
Feta and Balsamic Glaze Watermelon – The Desert Bloom Babe

I love Feta Cheese! I love Watermelon! I love EVERYTHING about this simple summer recipe!

If you like your sweet with a little punch of sour you’ve GOT to try whipping this quick and easy Feta and Balsamic Glazed Watermelon recipe together. It does not disappoint and it’s so quick you can throw it together in 5 minutes!

feta balsamic glaze basil watermelon recipe desert bloom babe
a watermelon slice, feta cheese crubles, balsamic glaze, and fresh basil are all that are needed for this quick summer recipe!


  • A wedge (or a couple) of fresh Watermelon – Check out this video for a quick way to cut a Watermelon into wedges!
  • 2-3 Tbsp balsamic reduction/glaze ( I used THIS)
  • 3-4 leaves fresh basil chiffonaded (learn this technique HERE)
  • 3/4 cup Feta cheese crumbles (I used PrĂ©sident brand)


  1. Take a wedge of Watermelon and sprinkle about a tablespoon of the Feta cheese on top.
  2. Take a pinch of the chiffonaded Basil and delicately place over the feta cheese on the slice of watermelon.
  3. Using a smooth back and forth motion drizzle the Balsamic Reduction across the watermelon slice, feta cheese, and basil.
  4. Enjoy! Be warned, it’s a little messy. But it’s delicious!

Did you try this recipe? Let me know in the comments how it went! Don’t hesitate to share your pics!


5 Sweat Proof Makeup Products to Get You Through a Hot Summer Looking Like a Queen

sweat proof makeup desert bloom babe

Hello babes! How many of you struggle to find good sweat proof makeup?

If you live in the Southwest then you’re probably used to dealing with some hot hot desert heat. I don’t care if it’s a “dry” heat, 115 degrees is 115 degrees of freaking HOT. If you haven’t experienced an Arizona summer you can give it a whirl right now. Go heat your oven up and then stick your head in it. Voila! Phoenix in the summer! I have also experienced the hot sticky summers of the south and even the northeast. You know the ones, where you get out of the shower and you’re not really sure you actually got out of the shower? It’s THAT humid.

That being said, trying to find tried-and-true beauty products that can hold up to the sweat that both the Valley of The Sun and the bayou causes can be a struggle. Luckily, you pretty much find out if a product is gonna make the cut or not after just one or two days. Alas, you won’t have to go through the hassle because I already have.

Remember, these are just my personal favorites. I have skin that is slightly on the drier side so I go for products that are a little more moisturizing but won’t slip off with a little sweat. These are just the basics, and I ALWAYS recommend using a good setting spray with any makeup.

Here are my 5 sweat-proof makeup products to get you through summer looking like a damn queen.

sweat proof makeup smashbox studio skin desert bloom babe

1. Foundation: SMASHBOX Studio Skin 15 HR Wear, $36,

Why I Love It: It’s lightweight but has great coverage and stays put all day (I like to put LancĂ´me’s La Base Pro Primer under for extra stay-put power). It can be layered for a more complete coverage or just a single layer can be applied for a more natural look (hello freckles!).

sweat proof makeup mac prep prime transparent setting powder pressed desert bloom babe

2. Setting Powder: MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder / Pressed, $29,

Why I Love It: This pressed transparent powder provides the perfect amount of setting action without being too heavy and cakey in the heat. Because it’s pressed it’s darn near impossible to put too much on. A light dusting using a powder brush helps keep foundation from sliding off. I almost always have this in my bag during the summer to keep my face from looking too sweaty or greasy throughout the day. It’s a life-saver!

sweat proof makeup katy kat mascara covergirl desert bloom babe

3. Mascara: Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara in Black, $6.89,

Why I Love It: This mascara is the bomb! Although it comes in a waterproof version I find the regular to stay put through even the sweatiest days! I have STRUGGLED to find a good mascara that doesn’t end up under my eyes after a long day in the summer and this stuff exceeded my expectations by a long shot! Plus the brush makes for nice dramatic separated lashes.

sweat proof makeup kat von d tattoo liner desert bloom babe

4. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Black, $20,

Why I Love It: Okay, so you might of heard about this product because of the product review that went viral after a girl went through a traumatic car accident and everything on her face was a mess except for Kat D’s liner (see it here).  So naturally, I had to give it a try to see if it can endure the heat. Guess what? It does.

sweat proof makeup loreal colour riche balm desert bloom babe

5. L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in 219 Plush Plum, $7.95,

Why I Love It: This stuff is the balm! Sorry about the bad pun, but it seriously is the balm! This formula is fantastic in the heat, it hydrates your lips while creating a very natural look. It layers nicely so you can put a little on for just a kiss of color or layer up  for a more dramatic look. The best part? It wears so nicely throughout the day and your lips won’t look dry and cracked.

This list is somewhat limited but I wanted to keep it to the tried-and-true products that I use daily during the summer. I use all 5 of these products almost every single day and I absolutely love them. This is a great foundation for the rest of your makeup so don’t hesitate to add the rest of your favorite eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, concealers, lipsticks, etc. to the mix!

BONUS: I ALWAYS set my makeup with setting spray. Right now I’m loving Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist. You can grab that from Sephora HERE.

Toodles BABES!


The Off-The-Shoulder Dress You Need

“Cold Shoulders” are EVERYWHERE this Summer. Whether it’s a dress, a top, a romper, or a body suit, you can find it in a “cold shoulder” style.

So what does “cold shoulder” even mean? It just means that your shoulders are showing. It can be sleeves that drape off the shoulder (as seen here), it can have a spaghetti strap with a draped sleeve, it can have cuts in the sleeve that show just a little bit of your shoulder. Some even come in an asymmetric style with just one shoulder showing.

What I really love about this dress from Union of Angels is that it’s so flirty. The eyelet lace edging adds a little bit of architecture but the flared fabric at the top gives it a girly and innocent look. And the crips white just screams summer.

Dress, Union of Angels,

This dress is perfect for just about any occasion. You could easily dress it up with some heels for date night, or pair it with your favorite boots or flats for a summer night concert.

Shell necklace,; turquoise necklace, one-of-a-kind from Ebay, ring, Peyote Bird,; bracelet, The Brave Bohemian,; belt, unknown.

Per usual, I crossed my love for boho style with a little bit of a Western edge. The traditional Heishi and turquoise necklace adds some heritage along with the basketweave patterned corset belt.

Turquoise and copper cuff, The Brave Bohemian,

Balancing something very romantic or girly with something a little tougher or more masculine is always a good move (check out this look from a Cowgirl Magazine shoot I styled for a great example). I chose to go with these statement, metal-adorned booties from Liberty Black.


Dark brown and turquoise really set off the bright white of the dress and add nice contrast.


I really love the details on both of these necklace. The small thin Heishi shells and natural cut turquoise stones tie in nicely with the Cowrie Shell necklace, while the metal beading adds some sun-catching sparkle.


So go ahead, jump on the cold-shoulder bandwagon soak up some sun, get some vitamin D, and a nice tan! It’s a perfect summer style!

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